It is important to pay attention to the nails on both, hands and feet. A mono colour nail polish is the choice and those of the hand should be of a length beyond the finger tips.

If you need to shave/wax, do it as close as possible to the session date, but a few days in advance so that your skin is no longer irritated.

Remember that it is not mandatory for me that you have shaved in the private parts.

Also, be aware of the appearance of your eyebrows the day before.

Don’t forget to apply a lotion and keep the skin clean.

Do not use a tanning bed for at least two days before the shooting – the skin color can change drastically in 48 hours.
Do not use tanning products during the week before the session.

Don’t starve the day before the shooting to look slimmer: you’ll need energy! Plus good lighting and Photoshop can help make you look leaner.

If you are worried about bloating, look for foods that will help relieve it, but also make you feel full and have energy.


  • Make sure to wear loose clothing at least a few hours before shooting
  • Avoid tight clothing, jeans and underwear and tight jewels: these things will leave marks on the skin that take a long time to disappear
  • The best outfit to wear before the session is non-fitting clothing, for example a gym suit

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