I work on several projects and also have some moodboards we can use so we can create images for both of us.

To see the projects I’m working at the moment please see the projects page on my main web site.

The idea is to create some images for at least one or two projects and then create some images of one or two moodboards that you like.

A moodboard is a collection of images to be used as inspiration for the session.

Please know that we will not reproduce the images you see exactly as in the moodboard: rather we will use the lighting, setting, pose, clothing similar to that of the images to start creating something of our own – then we will freewheel and follow the inspiration of the moment.

I have prepared and continue to work on different moodboards with images that I have found on the web. These are the moodboards I’m interested on working by the time being:

If you have doubts about the images you find on the moodboard, ask me right away: if you choose a moodboard with full nude I expect that you will have no issues on posing nude during the actual session!

In any case, let me know your limits on nude in advance, my idea on nude could be different from yours. In addition, the session will be more relaxing for everyone if we both know in advance what makes you feel comfortable and what your limits are: YOU are the subject of the image so it is YOU ​​who must define the limits.

If you do not find ideas try to send some images as a reference and I will let you know whether they interest me.

Unless explicitly stated, I am not the author of the moodboard images – those are images that I find on the web, I like them and they inspire me to create new ones together with you.


See the makeup used in the moodboard images: are you able to do something like this?

If we are lucky we can have a MUA (Make Up Artist) on a collaboration basis, but if none is available, I can look for one for a fee; however, you will have to pay for it.


If you have no experience, make sure you know how you would like to pose in advance – take some time to train your poses and facial expressions in front of a mirror.

Study well the moodboard and search for magazines, for example on NUDE Magazine, where you can find beautiful poses in which you feel comfortable.
Use these photos as inspiration and share them with me so we may study them together.

Also try to see videos from this playlist.

Click here to read about a typical agenda for the shooting session.