The day of the session we will sign a collaboration agreement, click here to view it.

The contract or agreement is a fundamental part of the session: without it I will not use and I will not send the images to anyone, not even to you.

It happened once that I forgot to have the model signing the contract, the model would insist on receiving the images but never sent me the signed contract, despite many reminders from me. In the end, I lost a day of work having created beautiful images that I will never use... I absolutely want to avoid situation like this in the future!


I will send you my selection of the best images that will be post-produced with a basic retouch, mainly fixing the light.
You can already share these images on your socials.

Wherever you post my images, you must never crop them and you must never remove my signature.
Upload them exactly as I sent them to you!

If we have produced images that I believe may be appealing to some magazines or for one of my projects, I will file them in a separate folder but you won't be able to use them, not until I will confirm you in writing that you can use them.

You can find a list of publications on this page and my projects this page.

Usually I shoot in black and white, but I store the images in RAW format and therefore all the information recorded by the camera, including colours – are included in the files – most of the images you will receive will be in black and white.

Out of the images I will send, you will choose 3 that you like most – I will do a more detailed retouch (skin issues, etc.) and I then send them to you in high resolution.

I will share all the images trough


We will work in a TF collaboration ( what is a TF? ): you provide your time, your wardrobe, make-up etc., and pay the cost of getting to and from the session site.

I make my time available (shots and post-production), my photographic equipment, computers, etc., and the rental of the studio where the session will take place (if it is not an exterior one).

There will be water and coffee, some snacks and, if we have time at the end of the session, we go grab something to eat together.

If we agree on using “props” for the shooting – that is the use of objects to create a certain scenario or atmosphere such as wigs, funky eye glasses, jewerly, etc. – we will decide in advance what to buy and how to split the costs.

The moodboard