This is an idea, of course things can change according to the type of session and location.

For example, if we do not know each other, generally I prefer to take some shots first outdoors (obviously dressed!) just to see how you move in front of the camera and how good we connect.

  • You arrive in Como around 9:00/9:30 and I will pick you up at the station – or I will wait for you at a predefined point if you arrive by car
  • Let’s go grab some coffee and have a chat: I’d like to get to know you at least a little right away
  • Go the place set for the session and start working
  • When we feel tired or we’ll have enough images we will stop, maybe we'll eat something together and then I'll take you back to the station – or to your car


Go to bed early the day before the session: an hangover will definitely show – headache, tiredness, bloodshot eyes and so on – and needles to say, creating beautiful pictures out of it, will be very unlikely.

It would be a waste of time for all parties involved: the goal of the session is to create the best possible images based on everyone's talents and abilities.

Arrive at the time we've set: you will have time to prepare and make up on the spot.

If you are running late for any reason, communicate it promptly via Telegram (to me or if we have a group with the MUA, to the group) and keep me updated on any developments: it is disappointing not knowing what is happening to you while I’m ready – moreover, I see it as a lack of respect towards me and the other people involved.


There are a couple of rules you need to obey to work with me:

  1. No smoking during the session: I simply hate the smell of tobacco
  2. We will keep our phones in silenced mode to avoid any kind of distraction

I couldn’t live without music, if possible we will work work with a background music,


If someone comes along with you, he or she cannot be present during the session. This is purely based on my work ethics trying to avoid any possible distraction, for you and me: we have to create a connection – photographer and model – and if there are other people in the set, this becomes practically impossible.

The only exception to this rule:

  • If you are a minor you must necessarily be accompanied by a parent/guardian who will always be present and who will sign the contract
  • Also, if we have a MUA she will of course be with us all the time – being a professional she’ll know where to stand.


It is not in my book to work by the clock. In general, the session ends when we have enough good images or when we are too tired.

To give you an idea, on average, a session could last at least 4 hours but in some rare cases we have even reached 7 hours of almost uninterrupted work!


If for some reason you changed your mind or you cannot come to the session, please notify me as soon as possible to minimise the problem.

I plan the sessions in advance, I book the study, I manage the MUA and if I have to cancel it is only fair that I know it at least 7 days before the session.

It is always sad to cancel a session, especially at the last minute and above all if there are other people at stake.

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